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Comicidal Podcast

The podcast channel for the Comicidal Crew where they hope to bring you a higher class of comics analysis with their debates and discussions on a wide range of topics for your enjoyment, entertainment, and edification.

Apr 11, 2016

BvS Face-Off

That's how it starts, the fever, the rage...nah nah nah, j/k.

On this special analysis of WB's Batman v Super: Dawn of Justice, the crew will enter a debate on the quality of this (divisive) film by Zack Snyder & Co.

The lines have been drawn and sides have been taken.

On the side of BvS was subpar, we have Azir Volthoom: The Black Lotus (the crew's Chosen One and gracing the mic for the first time) and Lucius Illuminux.

On the side of BvS was a great movie, we have Rejected Stone and OP-002 (one of the original crew members, gracing the mic for the first time).

Wilson will be serving as the moderator.

I hope you all enjoy this debate.


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