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Power of You in Fiction Podcast

The non-fiction podcast about fiction and its effects on our lives. Reminding listeners every episode that seeing yourself in fiction validates your reality.

Sep 1, 2019

For our long time listeners - it's a new format, new mission, same dope team, and same dope content.

For our first timers - Welcome!

Fpr everyone, we hope you're as excited as Wilson and Lu (and LasKase too) to embark on a journey of discovering the superpowers within us all.

This is...The Power of You in Fiction --...

Jul 11, 2019

Rolling in and closing out our #POYIF series is the final installment of episode five "Trying to be Like You". Lu and Wilson discuss the final stages of the critical thinking model and the life changing ways aspirational figures can influence us and our choices.

To everyone involved in the making of the Power of You...

Jul 5, 2019

We know we're off season but we are coming at you with an episode featuring Shawna Mills!!!

Check them out the Boom Tag X kickstarter which ends 7/13/19!!!




Shawna Mills is an animator whose work has appeared on nearly every network you can think of that produces...

Apr 24, 2019

It's here! It is finally here! Part 2 of #POYIF episode five "Trying to be Like You". Lu and Wilson are continuing to weave the tale of fictional aspirational figures and how they can impact our real life desires and goals.

Enjoy and come back for part 3 and then our series finale!



Wanna connect with the...

Apr 17, 2019

LaKase and Wilson got a chance to interview another amazing creator, Tiffney Laing of Bevy and Dave. Tiffney is powerful, positive, and poised for immense success within the toy-making industry with an innovative and inspiring toy called the History Makers Puzzle Block Set that teaches children about the alphabet,...