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Power of You in Fiction Podcast

The non-fiction podcast about fiction and its effects on our lives. Reminding listeners every episode that seeing yourself in fiction validates your reality.

Mar 18, 2019

It's episode three of four of our Women's History Month series, "On Their Own Terms: The Unbreakable Women of Media", hosted by LaKase and Wilson. Today they've got an interview with artist/illustrator Celia Krampien. Celia is just pure pleasantness and good vibes, and super talented.



You can connect with Celia via her website, on twitter (@CeliaKrampien), and on instagram (@celiakrampien).


Books discussed during the conversation

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart

Shadow Warrior by Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Celia Krampien

Sunny by Celia Krampien

But No Elephants by Jerry Smath (Celia's favorite)

There’s A Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone (Celia's favorite)

The Napping House by Audrey Wood (LaKase's favorite)

The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base (LaKase's favorite)

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss (Wilson)

Three Questions by Jon J Muth (Wilson)


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