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Power of You in Fiction Podcast

The non-fiction podcast about fiction and its effects on our lives. Reminding listeners every episode that seeing yourself in fiction validates your reality.

Oct 7, 2020

Wilson and Lu share some fun stories and great conversation with friend of the show Anne Bean as they celebrate her comic book distribution company's three year anniversary! Pop some champers for Anne and Emerald Comics Distro, yay!

You can find more about Emerald Comics Distro and most of the creative properties mentioned using the hyperlinks below.

Emerald Comics Distro main website

Lucy Bellwood's The Right Number Project

Kat Vellos "We Should Get Together" / Connection Club

Jen Vaughn Very Very Spaceship

An explanation of Ki-Sho-Ten-Ketsu

The Tea Dragon Series by Katie O'Neill

Cultural Universals and Particulars by Kwasi Wiredu (try to find it via your local bookstore and/or library -- please support small businesses!)

You can download the Libby App for Android and/or iOS.

You can read/pick up "Delicious in Dungeon" and "Bataque" wherever you get your favorite mangas.

"We Bare Bears" is available on Hulu and HBO Max. Also available on HBO Max is "Craig of the Creek".

Bolivar, Trinkets, Atypical, Sex Education, and Kipo are all available on Netflix.