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Power of You in Fiction Podcast

The non-fiction podcast about fiction and its effects on our lives. Reminding listeners every episode that seeing yourself in fiction validates your reality.

Jun 20, 2018

What's up podcast fans! While working through their #POYIF special, Wilson and Lu carved out some time to catch up with friend of the show -- Anne Bean of Emerald Comics Distribution (ECD). They talked ECD's first full year of operation, lessons learned, cosplaying dogs (seriously!), Steven Universe, and much much more! 

You can connect with Anne and Emerald Comics Distro at their website, via their email, on Twitter (@EmeraldDistro), and/or Instagram (@EmeraldComicsDistro).


Peace and love (in comics)!



Links to the cons/festivals and folks Anne mentioned...

DINK - Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo

Bellingham Comic Arts Festival

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival

Alaska Robotics Mini-Con

Lucy Bellow's 100 Demon Dialogues

ShortBox - Curated contemporary indie comics subscription box


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